Stockfish sole leader, Houdini in big trouble at TCEC Stage 2a

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The Stockfish chess engine is deserved leader

The chess engine Stockfish is leader of TCEC Stage 2a. The 210213 version of Stockfish is at sole first position with 4,5/6 after 3 wins and 3 draws. It is half a point ahead of Rybka and Critter, and a full point ahead of Hiarcs.

TCEC Stage 2a is played now, with 8 engines in double round robin. The currently regarded as top engine, the rated 3193 ELO Houdini 3.0, is suffering in the early stages of the computer chess championship.

Houdini has collected just 2,5/6 and is trailing at 6th position. From the six games Houdini has only one victory against Spike 1.4 at the start. That was followed by draws with Hiarcs 14, Gaviota, and Stockfish. A heavy loss from Critter 1.6a in round 3 and a sweet revenge by Rybka in round 6 sent Houdini in the bottom half of the table.

Houdini will have the difficult task to come back to the first positions in the remaining eight rounds. The engine already made such a comeback at the Stage 1 eliminations, where it started with mediocre performance, but finished in style to claim shared first. As the renowned developed Miguel Ballicora noted in a recent interview, “The favorite is clearly Houdini, but I expect others to be ready to surprise it. However, in the superfinal, with so many games, it will be hard to beat. There are more chances to be knocked out in stage 3, when fewer games are played.”


Stage 1: Replay all games with analysis / Final standings stage 1

Stage 2a: Live games / Rules / Qualifiers / Official website


TCEC Stage 2a standings

1 Stockfish 4.5
2 Rybka 4
3 Critter 1.6a 4
4 Hiarcs 3.5
5 Junior 3
6 Houdini 2.5
7 Spike 1.5
8 Gaviota 1


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Philadelphia Open 2013

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The 7th Annual Philadelphia Open will be held over the Easter week from March 27-31, 2013, at the upscale, luxury Loews Philadelphia Hotel, rated Four Diamonds by AAA, 1200 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The event has a $ 75,000 projected prize fund, based on 480 paid entries, with $ 50,000 minimum guaranteed.

The event has 7 sections: Open, Under 2200, Under 2000, Under 1800, Under 1600, Under 1300 and Under 1000.

The Open Section will have one schedule, 5-days, held from March 27-31. GM and IM norms possible. Last year winner was GM Magesh Panchanathan.

Loews Philadelphia Hotel

The Under 2200-Under 1300 sections have either 4-day (March 28-31), 3-day (March 29-31) or 2-day (March 30-31) schedules to play in.

The Under 1000 section is a 2-day (March 30-31) event.

Open Section: $ 7000-4000-2000-1000-800-700-600-500-400-400, clear or tiebreak first $ 200 bonus, FIDE Under 2400/Unr $ 2000-1000. FIDE rated, GM & IM norms possible.
Under 2200 Section: $ 5000-2500-1200-800-600-500-400-300-300-300. FIDE rated.
Under 2000 Section: $ 5000-2500-1200-800-600-500-400-300-300-300, Unrated limit $ 2000.
Under 1800 Section: $ 5000-2500-1200-800-600-500-400-300-300-300, Unrated limit $ 1500.
Under 1600 Section: $ 4000-2000-1000-700-500-400-300-300-300-300, Unrated limit $ 1000.
Under 1300 Section: $ 2000-1000-700-500-400-300-300-200-200-200, Unrated limit $ 500.
Under 1000 Section: $ 400-200-100, Unrated limit $ 200, trophies to first 5, top Under 800, Under 600, Under 400, Unrated.

The entry fees in the upper sections are ranging from 225 to 400 USD.


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45th International Women’s Tournament in Belgrade

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The 45th International Women’s Grandmaster chess tournament will take place from 3rd to 10th March at the Hotel Slavija in Belgrade.

The 10-player round robin event is organized by the Belgrade Chess Association, with sponsorship from Assembly of the City of Belgrade.

One of the longest running chess tournaments in the world, established back in 1965, is celebrating 8th March – International Women’s Day.

Former world champions Nona Gaprindashvili (7-times winner) and Maia Chiburdanidze (2-times winner) were regularly featured in the tournament, but as of late the organizers have decided to give a chance to younger players.

Vega Gutierrez Sabrina

WGM Vega Gutierrez Sabrina from Spain is the top-seeded player


WGM Vega Gutierrez Sabrina ESP 2364
WGM Voiska Margarita BUL 2289 (winner in 1998, joint winner in 2010)
WGM Chelushkina Irina SRB 2281 (winner in 2001, 2002, 2011, joint in 2005)
WIM Drozdova Dina RUS 2270
WGM Benderac Ana SRB 2226 (winner in 1997, 2009 and 2012)
WIM Dragomirescu Angela ROU 2225
WIM Vega Gutierrez Belinda ESP 2190
WFM Miladinovic Lena SRB 2116
Zarkovic Mila SRB 2053
Nonkovic Bogdana SRB 2052 (winner of the 2013 Belgrade Open Women’s Championship)

In July Belgrade will host the European Individual Women’s Championship 2013.


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Chess LIVE Blitz #1215 vs LSV (IM) (2093) – Queen’s pawn: Chigorin (D00) – Scalp Alert!

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Chess LIVE Blitz #1215 vs LSV (IM) (2093) - Queen's pawn: Chigorin (D00) - Scalp Alert!

►Kingscrusher’s Greatest Hit Videos! : ►Play FREE online chess at icc5minute2011-23sep01511.wmv – IM crush which lasts just 12 moves! (oops!) [Event “ICC 5 0”] [Site “Internet Chess Club”] [Date “2011.09.23”] [Round “-“] [White “LSV”] [Black “KingsCrusher”] [Result “0-1”] [ICCResult “White resigns”] [WhiteElo “2093”] [BlackElo “2219”] [Opening “Queen’s pawn Chigorin variation”] [ECO “D00”] [NIC “QP.08”] [Time “10:12:35”] [TimeControl “300+0”] 1. d4 d5 2. Nc3 e5 3. dxe5 d4 4. Ne4 Nc6 5. Nf3 f6 6. exf6 Nxf6 7. Bg5 Nxe4 8. Bxd8 Bb4+ 9. c3 dxc3 10. a3 c2+ 11. axb4 cxd1=Q+ 12. Rxd1 Nxd8 {White resigns} 0-1

♕ MORE: | I responded to the Queen’s Gambit with the Slav Defense, and my opponent played the Exchange Variation with 4. cxd5. Play continued normally until 7. a3 and 8. b4 – which I don’t think is very good for white because this is taking a lot of time to move these pawns while black is busy developing his pieces and trying to create tactics against white’s lack of development. I think I missed a nice piece sacrifice with 11. …Nxb4 instead of 11. …a5 – creating a very strong attack against white’s king and fully exploiting black’s lead in development. However after the game continuation 11. …a5 – I think black has every reason to fight for the advantage as white’s king will definitely be stuck in the center for another couple of moves. With 15. bxc5 white dropped his bishop on b5, however the alternative 15. dxc5 would allow black a pawn majority in the center and chances to play …f6 and …e5 in the near future. Interface used ICC:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Chess Traps #1: Ruy Lopez Mortimer Trap

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Chess Traps #1: Ruy Lopez Mortimer Trap

This video explores the Mortimer Trap which is attributed to the player James Mortimer. This trap can be played by black in the Ruy Lopez opening. If white falls for the trap, the white player will be subject to a positional nightmare.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

★ FACEBOOK ★ TWITTER ★ GOOGLE+ ★ LIVESTREAM This video covers what I consider to be an amazing combination that I had viewed online between a FIDE Master and an Unknown. Skaak مقسمة إلى L’axedrez Şahmat Kok-chè bú-kî…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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