Brown Fossil Stone & White Onyx Marble Chess Pieces – Large

Brown Fossil Stone & White Onyx Marble Chess Pieces - Large

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This unique set of Fossil Stone chess pieces display their own natural impressions and traces of marine fossils from ancient seas that became embedded in the of earth’s crust over 50 million years ago. Representing elements our geological past, Fossil Stone chess pieces consist of natural earth tones blending shades of rich brown and gray. Providing a striking contrast, Genuine White Onyx chess pieces blend shades of banded White Onyx and may contain small natural amber or honey markings. Each of these fascinating Brown Fossil Marble and White Onyx chess pieces is unique, richly polished for a high gloss finish and intricately hand carved from a single piece of natural stone. Large Chess Pieces: King – 3 1/2″H x 1 1/4″dia. / Pawns – 2″H x 1 1/4″dia. These large marble chess pieces fit most chess boards with a 1 1/2″ square size or larger. Our Marble, Onyx & Stone Chess Pieces are offered for sale in a variety of sizes, unique colors and natural stone combinations.


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