Mousepad Chess Board 20″x20″

Mousepad Chess Board 20

Mousepad style chessboard can be folded, rolled, or wadded up without wrinkling. Same size as normal roll-up chessboards just fits in more places.If you want to roll it up, it still fits in the chess bag as shown. Any club pieces will work great. You’ll find they have a more sticky feel and don’t slide across the board. It’s up to you whether you like that or not. Also, heavy pieces tend to “bounce” if you play them fast.Odor free ink, although rubber naturally has a small odor up close. Since ink is not applied heavily, your board may appear a fraction lighter in color than shown.Specifications:Board size: 20″ x 20″Square size: 2 1/4″Weight: 16ozThickness: 1/8″


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