Research shows that targeting different brain functions with many different engaging and adaptively difficult chess exercises can improve overall tactics. Chessity’s training is directed towards these models, and is based on memorization of key concepts and positions. These key positions eventually become your ‘instant memory’.

Chessity’s intuitive programme for chess coaches is designed to make helping students easy.

  • No paper work: Our system will organise your dictated feedback, giving you more time to focus on improving your students’ play.
  • Tracking system: Chessity’s tracking system helps you to quickly spot your students’ weaknesses and see which areas they are improving in.
  • Managing students: manage your classroom and student accounts; buy detailed lesson plans for your students with discount.
  • Peer-to-peer message support, blog and news applications
  • Desktop and tablet support is available

If you’re interested in helping people improve their chess, join now!

Some screenshots to inspire:


Start your coaching

Start coaching

Manage students

Manage your students 

Activity of your students

activity of your students

Follow your students progress

Track your student


Be active in your virtual classroom

Virtual classroom


Chessity offers you a variety of quick ways to improve your chess. With today’s release you will experience the benefits of Chessity’s learning strategies, which are designed for rapid chess improvement

You can learn chess by playing enjoyable mini games that give you constructive feedback on your mistakes. Our programme utilizes instructional scaffolding, which compels players to learn through experience. Here is an example screenshot:

Chessbox game

Start at your own level of play

Chessity's Chess Levels

Whether you are a beginner or a master you can expand your knowledge using Chessity’s theme trainer, which uses an adaptive learning algorithm that can be enjoyed in both single and multiplayer games.


Learn and share your ideas in Chessity’s Cafe

Chessity’s cafe experience adds another level to your learning. The café acts as a forum for its members to share ideas. This will allow you a unique opportunity to discuss chess with strong Grandmasters! You will also have access to various chess engines which you can use to analyse your games.

Chessity's Chess Cafe

Chessity believes that chess has a bright future and it gives us great pleasure to help you achieve your goals.


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