♕ MORE: www.chessdom.com http | twitter.com Tata Steel 2013 began with an action-packed, draw-filled Round 1 as 5 of the 7 games in Group A resulted in fighting draws. GM Harikrishna pulled a slight upset over the prodigal GM Giri when the young hometown hero made a few inaccuracies in an equal but tricky rook endgame. In the following chess video Grandmaster Damian Lemos analyzes the other decisive result from round 1 of Tata Steel Chess 2013 with Russian superstar GM Sergey Karjakin beating former Women’s World Chess Champion Yifan Hou with an explosive line against the French Defense. In this game black adopted a dubious plan in the opening (a quick b6 followed by Ba6) that Karjakin exploited rapidly with a convincing break in the center. Interface used ICC: www.chessclub.com