Mind Games Cruise with chess

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cruise-with-chessAn year from now a unique experience is going to take place in the Mediterranean Sea – a Mind Games Cruise is going to travel the route Marseille – Genoa – Rome – Carthage – Palermo – Barcelona – Marseille. Chess is included in the special cruise, alongside bridge, scrabble, backgammon, and others.

The dates of the cruise are March 21-28, 2015. A tournament with prizes, simultaneous exhibitions with GMs, friendly games, and lessons are included in the reach chess program.

Prices range from 950 eur for cabin Bella to 1090 eur for Cabin Bella with balcony.

Official website / Registration / Download brochure (English)

1500 cabins

  • 3 pools, waterslide
  • 5 restaurants with a panoramic
  • 14 bars
  • Casino
  • Library
  • Nightclub
  • Theater with cabaret shows
  • Thalassotherapy, Solarium
  • Sauna, Hammam
  • Beauty, hairdresser
  • Basketball, Volleyball, Football
  • Tennis, Squash
  • Shuffleboard, walking track
  • Internet Space, Video Games
  • F1 simulator, Cinema 4D
  • Etc …


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Three decisive games in Candidates round 2

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<The FIDE World Candidates Tournament treated us today with three decisive games with white – Kramnik, Svidler and Aronian scored a full point. Here is the report of the round, detailed GM annotations later in Chess Insider PDF and PGN magazine

Aronian – Mamedyarov

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov defended with the Ragozin Queen’s Gambit and Levon Aronian avoided the sharpest lines by clarifying the central pawn structure early on.

The position resembled the Queen’s Gambit Exchange Variation and appeared innocuous enough, but one careless knight move blocked the retreat route for black queen.

Aronian pounced on the opportunity to win the opponent’s queen for a rook and minor piece.

However, converting the advantage was not that easy, as Aronian admitted in the press conference. If black consolidates the pieces he could even hold the game.

Aronian advanced his central pawn mass and then proceeded to maneuver in order to reach the time control.

As soon as the time was added to the clocks, Mamedyarov allowed the decisive d5-break and immediately resigned.

Replay the game with analysis

Topalov – Anand

In the battle between two former World Champions, Veselin Topalov started his game with a flexible Reti setup, which is a kind of Bulgarian specialty as their Grandmasters achieve excellent results with white pieces.

It wasn’t a great surprise that Viswanathan Anand responded by lining his favourite Slav structure.

White initiated an early skirmish in the center, but black didn’t hesitate to sacrifice a pawn in order to complete the development.

Topalov’s extra pawn was isolated and came under fire from the black rooks. Black’s compensation appeared to be sufficient.

The queenside got cleared of pawns and white kept a 4P vs 3P advantage on the other side of the board. Anand immediately forced the exchange of the bishops and played the textbook 28…h5 to secure a draw.

Topalov followed the Sofia rules and the point was officially split on move 54.

Replay the game with analysis

Svidler – Andreikin

Dmitry Andreikin treated us with an old Sicilian defence, the Labourdonnais-Loewenthal variation. This opening was revived in the recent years as several top players used it with success and a number of opening manuals were published.

Black apparently achieved the strategical aims, he traded the dark-squared bishops and struck the white pawns with 16…b5. But Svidler got some action going with the beautiful sequence that included 17.Qg3 and 20.f4.

It didn’t take long before black cracked under pressure and erred with 22…Bd3. A retort 24.Nf5 revealed the poor positioning of black pieces that allowed all kinds of geometrical motifs.

Black threw his pawns forward in the one last desperate attempt. He could only get a rook endgame being two pawns down. After the precise 31.Rd5 Andreikin gave up.

Svidler said that the opponent’s opening choice was a complete surprise. It’s been a long time since he looked at the variations. He conceded that after 11…Qg5 white doesn’t have a slightest advantage. Andreikin agreed and added that he was very happy with his position.

Andreikin disliked 13.b4, while Svidler believes that 16…b5 was rash and suggested 16…Rfd8 instead.

Replay the game with analysis

Kramnik – Karjakin

Vladimir Kramnik and Sergey Karjakin engaged in a popular sharp line of Queen’s Gambit Accepted.

Black won a pawn but his advanced soldier on e4 was weak and a constant target of white’s attack. A rook-lift to c5 ousted the black queen and Kramnik gave the c4-pawn to win the e6-pawn clearing the way for his strong passer.

Karjakin thought about retreating the knight 9…N4d5 because he understood that Kramnik deeply analysed the position, but he decided to be principled and took the bishop on e4.

With Karjakin being low on time, Kramnik sacrificed an exchange to install the knight on the strong outpost.

This was an excellent practical decision as Karjakin could not be precise in parrying all the threats with only minutes on clock. Black dropped the guard and 34.Rc5-35.Nc6 won the material back with interest. Faced with further loses Karjakin resigned.

Kramnik said that he prepared 9.a3 for the last year’s Candidates Tournament, but he didn’t have a chance to use it before. He sensed that Karjakin might play the QGA and he reviewed the lines this morning.

Karjakin thought about retreating the knight 9…N4d5 because he understood that Kramnik deeply analysed the position, but he decided to be principled and took the bishop on e4.

Replay the game with analysis

Official website


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Festa de Uva with Magnus Carlsen (replay games)

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen is visiting Brazil from 4th March to participate in the 13th Torneio Aberto Internacional de Xadrez “Festa da Uva” in Caxias do Sul, IM Dragan Stamenkovic of Ponto do Xadrez confirmed for Chessdom.

The first event was a blind simul with visually impaired players on 6th March, followed by a lecture.

Next was a 4-player knockout tournament with Semifinal on 6th March and Final on 7th March. His opponents were Grandmasters Gilberto MilosRafael Leitao and Andres Rodriguez (Uruguay). Several games were collected by Mark Crowter from TWIC, when more games are available we will add them for replay.


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Simen Agdestein and Tania Sachdev with simul during day 1 of Gibraltar 2014 (games)

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Simen Agdestein (2627) and Tania Sachdev (2442) played a simul at the start of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. Replay all games with analysis. See also day 1 report here

Official website / Participants / Live games with analysis / Live games with analyisis (alternative) / Play free chess vs titled players on Chessdom Arena


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Chess included in 2015 European Games programme

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European Olympic Games Baku 2015Chess has been included in the programme for the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijani Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov announced, according to Trend.az.

“Despite chess not being an Olympic sport, the European Commission made a special decision to include chess and karate in the list of sports to be presented at these games, the minister said.”

As Chessdom.com reported more than a year ago, there was a great probability that chess might be selected as one of two non-Olympic sports.

FIDE Events Commission Secretary Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou said then that “(There is)…good chance for chess to enter the Olympic Games in coming years.”

Chess is one of the most popular sports in the host country Azerbaijan, winner of two European Team Championships.

Azerbaijan will also host the World Chess Olympiad in 2016.


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Tata Steel Masters: One Minute of Silence & Four Decisive Games

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The 76th Tata Steel tournament started with an exciting first round on Saturday with four decisive games. Fabiano Caruana was the first winner of the day; the Italian beat Boris Gelfand in a 6.f3 Najdorf. Sergey Karjakin won a rook ending against Loek van Wely, Hikaru Nakamura defeated Arkadij Naiditsch and Wesley So, who arrived shortly before the game in Wijk aan Zee, beat Richard Rapport. 


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Several variants of chess at the 27th SEA Games

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At the 27th SEA Games, 11-22 December in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar several known and lesser known variants of chess were seen: Traditional (=‘Myanmar chess’!), ‘Asean Chess’, Chess960, ‘Transfer Chess’ (=Bughouse) and – phew – also ‘normal’ chess. In the latter section, Vietnames GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son clinched the gold medal in both the rapid and the blitz sections.


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World Youth Chess U12 games LIVE!

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The UAE Chess Federation and Al Ain Chess Club, under the auspices of FIDE, organize the World Youth Chess Championships 2013 (Under 8, 10,12, 14, 16 and 18 years old – open and girls) scheduled 17 (arrival) – 29 (departure) December 2013 in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

This is the live games page for boys and girls U12. Top rated players are Sergei Lobanov, Andrey Esipenko, Li Ruifeng, Bogdan-Daniel Deac, Akshaya Kalaiyalahan, Alexandra Obolentseva, Polina Shuvalova, Annamaria Marjanovics. Live games will be daily with analysis on Chessdom.com

World Youth Chess 2013 live: Games U18 boys / Games U18 girls / Games U16 / Games U14 / Games U12 / Games U10 / Games U8


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