Anand earned a rematch against World Champion Magnus Carlsen

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Former World Champion Viswanathan Anand claimed a convincing victory in the FIDE World Candidates Tournament 2014 to challenge the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen to another match in November.

Anand made a draw against Sergey Karjakin in the 13th round of the tournament to secure a clear first place with a round to spare.

Anand held the world title from 2007 to 2013, when he lost a match against Carlsen in Chennai, India.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said in an interview with Chessdom that there are “several proposals to organize the FIDE World Chess Championship 2014″.

Viswanathan Anand


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Magnus Carlsen to Visit Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen will visit Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on 8th April.

The official part of the visit will take place on April 8 at the MIPT Concert Hall, where Magnus Carlsen will meet with MIPT students and guests.

The event starts at 10:30 am. The meeting host will be Tina Kandelaki, and the meeting will be held in English.

From 12.00 to 14.00 the grandmaster will play a simultaneous match with MIPT students and postgraduate students, and from 15.00 to 16.00 – with students from the “Phystech lyceum.”

Magnus Carlsen id

“He beats leading chess players in such positions in which people usually settle for a draw. He has an absolutely phenomenal technique and calculates variations very well, as young people do,” MIPT quotes GM Evgeny Bareev.

The main purpose of the event, organized by Runa Capital fund, Phystech-Union and Sberbank Technologies, is to give an opportunity to talented students to meet the World Chess Champion and to mark a new stage in the development of an IT cluster at MIPT.


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“13-year old Magnus bought every word Kramnik said”

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Magnus CarlsenAn interesting interview with World Champion Magnus Carlsen was posted today on NRK website.

The interview was performed at the launch of the Play Carlsen app in Oslo a couple of weeks ago. Author Mads Nyborg Støstad kindly translated the quotes to English for Chessdom.

– Kramnik tror at han vet alt, sier Magnus Carlsen.
– Kramnik thinks he knows everything.

– Det er veldig imponerende hvordan Kramnik lirer av seg forskjellige varianter og så videre, og det er ikke så lett å gjennomskue hvis man ikke kan gamet ordentlig selv. Men hvis man ser litt dypere, er det ofte bare tull, sier Carlsen.
– It’s very impressive how he throws around different variations, and it’s not easy to see through it if you don’t know the game well enough yourself. But if you look a bit deeper, it’s often just nonsense.

– Han spiller alltid veldig prinsipielt. Den kanskje største forskjellen mellom meg og ham, er at han gjør veldig mye mer feil. Ofte er det sånn at han tror han har rett, mens jeg har rett, fortsetter bæringen.
– He plays with great principle. Probably the biggest difference between me and him is that he makes a lot of mistakes. He often thinks that he is right, while I am the one who is right.

– 13 år gamle Magnus Carlsen kjøpte alt han sa. Ikke jeg, sier den 23 år gamle sjakkongen med et djevelsk smil.
– 13 year old Magnus Carlsen bought every word he said. Not me.

– Han er veldig selvsikker. Han er ikke redd for noen. Han tror ikke jeg er bedre enn ham, han tror ikke Aronian er bedre enn ham og han tror ikke Anand er bedre enn ham. Han taper faktisk en del mot Nakamura, men han tror i hvert fall ikke Nakamura er bedre enn ham, sier nordmannen.
– He’s very confident. He’s not afraid of anyone. He doesn’t think I’m better than him, he doesn’t think Aronian is better than him. He actually loses a bit against Nakamura, but he certainly doesn’t think Nakamura is better than him.


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Chess Informant 119 – dedicated to Magnus Carlsen

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119_cover__52697.1393642164.1280.1280Chess Informant 119 Viking is largely dedicated to the newly crowned world champion, Magnus Carlsen. He’s the emerging global brand and the new face of our beloved game. We offer exclusive Carlsen photos inside Chess Informant 119, but for the cover we preferred the symbolism of a sailing drakkar boat. This newest installment of the Informant is all about red and blue that one can connect with the Norwegian flag, perhaps as additional evidence that Vikings are back in fashion.

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“Magnus displays will-power, calculated risk and strong nerves to win the Zurich Chess Challenge 2014.” – GM Sarunas Sulskis concluded in his “Interception” column. Sulskis closely follows the new world champion throughout his first tournament as the official king of chess. Our Zurich “insider”, WGM Anna Burtasova, colors heavily annotated games by Sulskis, including the Russian roulette between Carlsen and Nakamura, with interesting sideline notes about the event.

GM Suat Atalik, who sees the Norwegian as a new Fischer, annotates all ten games from the World Championship match Anand – Carlsen in Chennai. After each game FIDE press officerWGM Anastasya Karlovich was the first person who approached the players; just like in Zurich, once again we rely on female sensibility in discovering the spotlights and the photos behind the scene.

If there is a secret in Magnus’s success over Anand, GM Mihail Marin sees it in the new champion’s deep understanding of endings. The “Old Wine in New Bottles” column questions the known aphorism “all rook endgames are drawn”; Mihail analyzes two of Carlsen’s endings from Chennai and makes a parallel with some of the classic examples by Capablanca, Tarrasch and Korchnoi.


Outsiders’ beating the best is a pretty rare phenomenon but this time, at the European Teams Championship, we saw just that. German journalist and author Harald Fietz, our reporter in Warsaw, covers the Russia-Turkey match. All the heroes from the Turkish team (GMs Solak, Ipatov, Esen and Yilmaz) annotate their games in this David vs. Goliath encounter. In the continuation of the story, in his “No Fear” column, young Turkish (Ukrainian-born) star GM Alex Ipatov offers some memorable games that he witnessed or played at the very same event.


Chess Informant 119 Viking

GM Rafael Leitao won the Brazilian championship for the sixth time in his career. Still, he used his own success as a mere starting point in his “Bossa Nova” column, modestly dedicating it to the elaboration of an alternative way of preparing for games – one quite contrary to the computer-generated memorabilia attempts.


Legendary American GM Alex Yermolinsky is a welcome new columnist. In “Route 66 Chess” he will be driving over U.S. chess roads, and for the first one he reveals some of the best games from 2013 in his signature style. His choices for the inaugural column include games played by Shabalov, Troff and Shankland.


Another new name in the latest Informant is the top Greek player, GM Vassilios Kotronias. Readers will not only find four of his excellent wins from the European Team Championship (in the Games section), but his very special contribution column that will build your complete repertoire in the 2.c3 Sicilian. This is truly a book within a book; Informant 119 is bringing the first of four parts of this original analysis, made by the highly regarded opening expert.


The CI Labs opening section is here as well with two articles, both dedicated to the newest opening fashion: the Sicilian Najdorf [B90] by GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis and the Semi-Tarrasch Defense [D41] by GM Milos Perunovic.


Chess is a global game! GM Sarunas Sulskis had a very pleasant trip to Iraq (!) where he played in and reported on an interesting but from some reason non-rated tournament, won byGM Sergey Tiviakov. Still another column in Informant 119 leads us to the Far East; Chess Asia by Philippine journalist and author Bobby Ang covers the high-prized Indonesian Open. You will find annotations by the participants GMs Oliver Barbosa and Ivan Ivanisevic, along with an interview with the winner, GM Alexei Dreev.


In the footsteps of his trainer, legendary GM Dragoljub Velimirovic, newest Serbian young lyon, GM Aleksandar Indjic is presenting his best games so far.


Are we missing something? Definitely yes! “Garry’s Choice” is indeed missing, but for one reason only: Kasparov’s campaign for FIDE President is underway! After the upcoming elections Garry will be back – that’s his personal promise to all Chess Informant readers.


All the above is in addition to the usual: In the traditional Games section there are 200+ games annotated by the players themselves along with our GM and IM staff. And do not forget to peruse the other sections: Combinations, Endings, and Studies etc.

Reserve your pre-sale copy and be the first to get Chess Informant 119 (here)


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Festa de Uva with Magnus Carlsen (replay games)

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World Champion Magnus Carlsen is visiting Brazil from 4th March to participate in the 13th Torneio Aberto Internacional de Xadrez “Festa da Uva” in Caxias do Sul, IM Dragan Stamenkovic of Ponto do Xadrez confirmed for Chessdom.

The first event was a blind simul with visually impaired players on 6th March, followed by a lecture.

Next was a 4-player knockout tournament with Semifinal on 6th March and Final on 7th March. His opponents were Grandmasters Gilberto MilosRafael Leitao and Andres Rodriguez (Uruguay). Several games were collected by Mark Crowter from TWIC, when more games are available we will add them for replay.


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Magnus Carlsen Launches Chess App

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On Tuesday Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen launched his very own chess app. At a press conference in Oslo, the 23-year-old Norwegian presented the app Play Magnus, with which chess fans can play against Carlsen at different levels since the age of five.

Carlsen says he launched the app to make chess more popular. In the text alongside the YouTube announcement video, he writes:


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Magnus Carlsen: The App?

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There’s an app for everything these days. There was actually a very helpful app for iOS and Android during the last World Chess Championship match: it updated users live during each of the games, and allowed us to go back and replay past games with some basic (but useful) annotations. I loved having it for my students, as it gave me an easy way to show them games quickly during our lessons.

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